Valley Junior Golf Association

Tournament Rules & Policies

The following rules and policies are put forth for the well-being, safety, and learning of the junior golfers and their families. Please take the time to read the policies as a family. If you have questions, please consult with the MVJG Staff.


  1. USGA Rules will govern all play. Local rules and rules adopted by MVJG will also apply unless otherwise stated.
  2. Proper attire is very important. Most golf courses have dress codes that we must observe. The dress code must apply to players, spectators, and scorekeepers. Denim, t-shirts,bare midriffs, and tank tops are not acceptable.
    • Boys: Collared Shirts, mock turtlenecks, shorts, pants are fine
    • Girls: Golf shirts, turtlenecks, skorts, shorts, pants are fine. 
  3. Please register at the check-in desk at least 45 minutes prior to tee time. Tee times will be posted on the website,, 48 hours prior to play day. Players must report to the tee 10 minutes ahead of tee time. Please refer to Rule 6-3
  4. DO NOT leave equipment and possession unattended. Host golf courses and MVJG staff cannot accept responsibility at any time.
  5. Members are required to attend 1 class for rules and etiquette each year. 
  6. Caddies are not permitted and players are not allowed to ride in golf carts unless permission is given to the player by a scorekeeper and MVJG Staff. Pull carts are acceptable if the host course allows them.  Caddy division is the exception to this rule.
  7. Lasers are acceptable but cell phones, i-pods, etc. are not to be used during play. .
  8. The Pace of Play is extremely important. Please refer to Rule 6-7. You must play “ready golf”, keep up with group ahead, and all 9 hole rounds should not exceed 140 minutes and 18 holes must not exceed 4 1/2 hours. 
  9. Conduct and etiquette of all players and spectators is extremely important. MVJG looks upon this as the ultimate violation of you and your reputation. The following is not allowed by players;
    • Use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco
    • Use of vulgar language or actions
    • Defacing and damaging course or fellow player’s property & littering
    • Abuse of MVJG staff or volunteers
    • Club throwing and display of temper
    • Please take care of the host golf courses and be polite to your fellow competitors. This is a direct reflection on you. Please be ladies and gentlemen at all times. Please refer to Rule 33-7
  10. Parents and spectators CANNOT give any advice or say anything that can be deemed advice such as “take an unplayable lie”, “keep your head down” or “relax and take your time”. Spectators must stay on the cart paths and must leave scoring matters to the scorekeepers, players and MVJG staff. If there is a question, go directly to the MVJG staff. All players must make their own decisions on the golf course. Spectators may assist in a search for a lost golf ball.
  11. Players must keep their own score and will be responsible for their own scorecard. If a scorekeeper is appointed, the scorekeeper accepts responsibility. Players and scorekeepers must agree on the hole by hole score and players must be certain of the score before signing the scorecard.
  12. A playoff will take place for a tie for first place. Putt-offs or card-offs may apply for other ties. If a card-off is used it will begin on hole #4 and go forward until the tie is broken. Points will be given in each tournament. 



     1.  Spectators MAY NOT speak to, communicat with, give hand signals, or any advice to a player at any time during the round of play. Violations will result in requets to leave.  Statements such as "relax", "keep your head down", "you should hit...", etc. would be a violation.

     2.  Spectators may ask about and/or give food, water, medicine during play after a hole and before the next hole begins.

     3.  Spectators must stay on the cart path or in the rough. Spectators cannot walk on the fairways, greens, etc . at any time and should remain a 20 yard distance from all players at all times.

      4. Spectators should NEVER get involved in scoring matters.  If there is an issue, please bring it to the MVJG staff, not the players.

      5. Spectators CAN help search for a lost golf ball or give information as to the ball's location, but CANNOT give advice on rules pertainign to the lost ball. Caddy & Novice Division are the exceptions.

      6. Spectators may not carry a golf bag or pull a cart for players. Caddy Division is the exception.  Players may not ride in a golf cart unless specified by MVJG.

      7. Spectators are there to watch the game, not get involved.

      8. MVJG observes USGA rules.  Local rules & MVJG rules may also apply.

      9. Spectators must show proper behavior according to the rules of golf.  Please do not confront spectators, score keepers, players. Refer to MVJG Staff.

     10. Spectators MAY NOT use cell phones during the round of play.  If you must...keep it on silent, text but do not talk. It is a distraction for players.

It is a natural tendency to want to help the players, but it is a violation of the Rules of Golf.  The juniors learn by doing, succeeding, and making mistakes.  MVJG is here to help your children learn golf and it's rules the correct way. Sometimes it is hard, but the process prepares them for the game at higher levels. As a parent or spectaor, you can help them giving them praise when it is earned and giving them love when the day was not so good!


"Golf is the closest game to what we call the game of life; You get bad breaks from great shots, you get good breaks from bad shots, BUT, you have to play the ball from where it lies."  Bobby Jones