Valley Junior Golf Association

Terms of Use

I understand and affirm that The Valley Junior Golf Association (VJGA), all of it’s members, directors, agents, escorts, owners, scorers, teachers, successors, and assignees are to be free from liability, claims, or other forms of legal action including costs arising there from, against any incident which results in or arises out of any loss, property or personal (death included), which may be sustained by the junior or myself (the undersigned) during travel to, from and participation in any Valley Junior Golf Association event.

I Agree: To observe all USGA Rules of Golf & Etiquette at all times on all golf courses & driving range. To conduct myself appropriately in both action and language at all times when playing under VJGA. To cancel all entries 48 hours in advance when possible. To treat all adults & volunteers with respect. I UNDERSTAND that membership may be suspended and/or cancelled for willful disregard of USGA Rules, Golf Etiquette, Dishonesty, Unbecoming Conduct. I have not entered college at time of play.