Valley Junior Golf Association

Point System

MVJG works on a point system for year end awards. Certain awards are
given to players based on accumulated points earned in golf tournaments throughout the year.
i.e. Player of the Year.  Please remember that multiple day tournaments will earn double points!
1st Place = 50 Points
2nd Place = 40 Points
3rd Place = 35 Points
4th Place = 30 Points
5th Place = 25 Points
6th Place = 20 Points
7th Place = 15 Points
8th Place = 10 Points
9th Place = 5 Points
10th Place= 5 Points
All Awards are based on players participating in 60% of the rounds played during the
calendar year.
Rickie Fowler Award & Sydnee Michaels Award are awarded to 15-18 year olds who have the lowest stroke average with participation in 60% of the rounds played.
Most Improved Awards are based also on the average strokes improved from previous year to current playing year.
The Steele Plate Awards are given to 15-18 year old Boys & Girls who improved
the most.
Sports Person of the Year Awards are given to players in each age division.
They are voted on by the junior players and then the MVJG Staff have final approval.
This award is important to MVJG and Golf as this is a representation of what golf truly exemplifies. 
The Bobby Jones Award is given to a Player in Age 15-18 male or female that the juniors voted the most for and that the Staff agreed with based on the values of integrity and honor.