Valley Junior Golf Association


VJGA - "18 Holes Fore Success" class:

Advanced Rules, Etiquette, Lifeskills, Time Management Class at the PGCC, 26109 Ynez Rd., Temecula. This class are geared to various ages. These classes are free to VJGA members and are about 90 minutes long.                         

The classes are taught at The Professional Golfer's Career College, 26109 Ynez Rd., Temecula 92591

The junior golfers learn rules, etiquette, lifeskills related to golf, competition, and working to make their goals and dreams a reality. VJGA uses the '18 Holes Fore Success' curriculum to teach the youngsters how to 'WIN' in life!

For more information, call 951-206-5502


"I Want to Play Golf in College"  class:

This idea was a VJGA exclusive that began in 1997.  This class gives the juniors an overview of what is required to be able to play college golf.  We go over the grades, the marketing, the golf game that is required.  VJGA brings in guest coaches, alumni, and a company to give an overview of the way to finance college.  This is one of the best benefits of membership in VJGA! This is free of charge to VJGA members.


Fitness Class:

There are 60 minute classes taught by Kevin Duenas at Dynamic Fitness. We schedule 3-4 in the Spring and again in the Fall. The classes cover Warm Up, Stability, Speed, and Flexibility. The are free of charge to VJGA members. 


Golf Lessons are available by calling 951-206-0695.  Call Coach Lou to set up a lesson or get a referral for your area!


Coming soon... Summer Golf Clinics